Desing Contest

Terms and conditions of the design competition organized by Autofans Media.

The family Autofans, who daily reach our readers, we are especially proud and pleased with the resounding success in the V International Motor Show in Buenos Aires with our stand where thousands of concurrent marched, those who watched with unusual interest young designers that day and for many hours making drawings of cars were dreamed up (by hand and by computer).

These original drawings were placed daily in the dividing walls of the booth and were admired by visitors to the show.

 Because the public demanded a design competition, where you can showcase and reward creativity that many young people are intact and eager to show it, coupled with the ambition of our young collaborator Ariel Defranco Fantin and jury that I am, born Super Car 2020.

 An International Design Competition for both beginners and professional designers of both sexes, no age limit.
 This is a free entry competition, where you have to design a super sports car the original (eg Super Turismo 9000) and invent a brand and model of the same shall be accompanied by the specification.
 The competition has prizes for national and foreign participants from illustration trainings manual and airbrushing software in the best institutes of America awards also technological and design tools.

Jury Honor:

Jorge Ferreyra Basso, Jorge Garcia, Lucas Lopez, Luciano Cianni and Christian Palladino.

Release Date: October 2012.

 Completion: June 26, 2013.

Due to changes in dates and for all to have the delivery right fair to all, we divide the competition between 2012 and 2013, where we choose the finalists of 2012 that will compete against the finalists of 2013, to know the 3 Winners by category and be the first to expose in our new edition of Stand in the VI International Motor Show in Buenos Aires.




The e-mails should enter the mailbox before April 25 (included) to the hs. 24
Delivery: By e-mail to or or / Upon receipt of your work, you must wait for confirmation of your mail response was received successfully.

- Registration:Until April 23.

- Evaluation: From April 24th.
- Choice Finalists 2012: May 15.

- Choice Finalists 2013:June 26.

- Selection of winners: June 27.
- Delivery of Diplomas: 27 and June 28.
- Awards: Dates to be confirmed.
- Communication of the winners:

In Autofans ® TV, Web, Autofans ® Magazine, on your Facebook and Twitter, AutofansTv.AUTOFANS ® and International Corporation SA reserves the right to change the dates.
- Exposure: Both the winning and finalist projects will be presented at an event held jointly by the Autofans ® and Notifans ®, who will dare confirmed their media.

The views, both illustrated by hand and PC must be Front, rear, side, 3/4 front and 3/4 rear, no larger than 2MB and A3 size. The maximum number of sheets are normally not more than 3 but in the case of presenting a 3D model should make an extra sheet of step by step images modeling.
The inside view is not mandatory. (Note:
(Consult the terms and conditions for more information)
Sponsors: Ignacio Otero airbrush, "House Begega" / "Hobbies Thomas" Donto P1, Only-Designs, LCD-Studio, Giorgio Gauna Illustrations, Style One and coming new sponsors.
Registration .
Coming soon will be able to download the terms and conditions with this new information.

Autofans ®.

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Desing Contest


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